Effective Heat Resistance with R-values up to R-19

Keep Your Equipment Running Smoothly This Winter!

Insulation Package

Do you need to keep your equipment running smoothly in the winter? All of our double-truss portable buildings come with an optional insulation package!

Insulating your building is a great option for portable workshops in which your crew has to perform throughout the winter season, especially in the Canadian climate. After insulating, all you need to do is put a heater in your building, and it’ll heat up in no time!

Our insulation is a flexible fiberglass blanket that is installed on the walls or roofs of portable buildings inside the building cover, post frame construction. It is used as both a thermal and acoustical insulation.

Public Works

This shelter is insulated so this highway department can get their plows and sanding trucks out in the worst weather conditions.

6 3/8" Insulation

R-19 (6 3/8” Thick)

Insulation is used as both a thermal and acoustical insulation in the roofs and sidewalls of pre-engineered metal buildings.


This concrete manufacturing plant is getting insulated with fiberglass insulation to ensure operations can run smoothly all year long.

Industry Leading Warranties

R-Values Up To R-19

ASTM C1136: Type I, II, III, IV

Fungi Resistance

ASTM C1338

R-19 (6 3/8″ Thick) Insulation Sound Absorption

Sound absorption tested in accordance with ASTM C423 using Type A mounting per ASTM E795.

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