2 3/8″ Galvanized Double-Truss Framework

Available 18′-50′ wide by any length required!

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  • 38' Wide Engineered Fabric Building with Sliding Doors
  • Engineered Portable Building with Blue Chuckwagon
  • 38' Wide Double-Truss Building
  • 38' Wide Portable Fabric Shelter

Highly Versatile Portable Fabric Buildings

Our double-truss portable membrane buildings are great for industrial, agricultural, and recreational use. Whether you need to store equipment, stockpile materials, build a temporary or permanent work-space or manufacturing plant, our portable buildings are a great solution to any building need you might face!

Our double-truss portable buildings are available in 18’, 24’, 30’, 38’ and 48′ widths by any length required. Our buildings feature cladded metal end walls, with a sliding door and an entry door on one end. Various customization options available.

Many Sizes

Available in 18′, 24′, 30′, 38′, and 48′ wide by any length required!

Six Colours to
Choose From

White, Translucent (Clear), Red, Silver, Blue or Green


2 3/8” (14 Gauge, 0.79 Wall Thickness) Galvanized Framework

Materials Only

High-Quality Materials Sourced from Within Canada

Customization Options

Frame and Cover Can Be Customized to Meet Your Needs!

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General Specifications

  • Available in 18′, 24′, 30′, 38′, and 48′ wide
    by any length required
  • Standard sliding barn doors, 18’ wide by 14’ tall
  • End walls are generally metal sheeted
  • Fabric end / door walls available upon request

Framework & Structural

  • 2 3/8” (14 gauge, 0.79 wall thickness) galvanized framework
  • Purlins, bay braces and cable bracing are located between the arches for added wind and snow load support
  • 30” ground anchors as well as ratchets and pipes tension the cover
If your require an engineer stamp (A, B or C schedules available upon request), please contact us: [email protected]
It is the owner’s responsibility to acquire the permits needed for their portable building needs.

Designed and Manufactured to Last

Weather All Shelters manufacturers every portable building from high-quality Canadian made materials. Built in Edmonton, AB, Canada, we design and build our shelters with harsh environments in mind!


Our People

  • 2 3/8” (0.79 Wall Thickness) GatorShield® Galvanized Steel Tubing
  • 18’, 24’, 30’, 38’ and 48′ Wide by any Length
  • Metal Sheeted Door and/or End Walls
  • Unmatched Corrosion Protection
  • Bright, Shiny, Smooth Finish
  • Engineered Specs (A, B, C Schedule) Available Upon Request / Project Requirements

Building Cover

Our Promise

  • NovaShield® 400 Series (12 oz.)
  • 15-Year Limited Warranty
  • Variety of Colours Available: Clear, White, Red, Green, Silver, Blue
  • Fire Retardant Options Available
  • Optional Insulated Package Available
  • -60°C Cold Crack Resistance
  • Increased UV Resistance
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Building Cover Material Options

NovaShield Logo Blue


400 Series
  • 12 oz Woven HDPE Scrim
  • 15-Year Limited Warranty
  • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio
  • Low Temperature Crack: -60°C (ASTM D2136)
  • >90% Strength Retention after 2000 hrs Exposure @ 0.77 W/m²/nm
  • Available in Clear, White, Red, Blue, Green, Silver

Standard + FR

400 Series FR
  • 12 oz Woven HDPE Scrim with FR Coating
  • 15-Year Limited Warranty
  • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio
  • Low Temperature Crack: -60°C (ASTM D2136)
  • >90% Strength Retention after 2000 hrs Exposure @ 0.77 W/m²/nm
  • Available in Clear, White, Red, Blue, Green, Silver


ELITE Series
  • 13.8 oz Woven FR-UV HDPE Tapes with Engineered PE FR Film/Coating
  • 20-Year Limited Warranty
  • High Resistance to Crack Formation
  • High Level of Abrasion Resistance
  • Low Temperature Crack: -65°C (ASTM D2136)
  • >90% Strength Retention after 2000 hrs Exposure @ 0.77 W/m²/nm
  • Available in White Only

12 oz. Material Colour Options

All colours (except translucent) are white on the inside. Actual material colour may be different than displayed.

NovaShield 400 Series White


NovaShield 400 Series Translucent


NovaShield 400 Series Red


NovaShield 400 Series Green


NovaShield 400 Series Blue


NovaShield 400 Series Silver


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Optional Building Packages

Insulation Package

Do you need to keep your equipment running smoothly in the winter?
All of our buildings come with an optional insulation package!

Insulating your building is a great option for portable workshops in which your crew has to perform throughout the winter season, especially in the Canadian climate. After insulating, all you need to do is put a heater in your building, and it’ll heat up in no time!

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Vertical Lift Door

Our double-truss shelters can be upgraded to a Vertical Lift Door instead of galvanized sliding doors.

This style of fabric roll-up door utilizes a hand crank on the side which rolls the door up (and down) using cables and pipe pockets sewn into the door itself. This ensures the door will work in any weather condition and makes the door super easy-to use!

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Parts Available

We have an extensive list of replacement parts for all of our buildings. We can also cut, bend and swedge galvanized pipe for you.

Replacement Covers

Our fabrication team can build replacement covers for any shape, make and size of building!


Maintenance Package

We have a full maintenance package available that will ensure your structure will perform at its peak condition.

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Our double-truss buildings are engineered to your site specific wind & snow rating, available in multiple sizes, and can be anchored on most foundation types.

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