More Info: 50′ Wide Double-Truss Fabric Building

Preliminary Designs, Building Profiles, and Some Photos

In our last post we’ve announced our new portable fabric building width: 50′ wide double-truss! We have had a lot of inquiries about this size over the last year, and we’re very happy to add this size to our building portfolio.

The 50′ wide building extends on our 38′ wide double-truss style by adding 6′ extensions next to the top center piece. The precise measurements of the building width is 48 FT 10 3/4″ outside to outside, and 46 FT 8 7/8″ inside the truss. It’s standard height is 21 FT 5 1/4″, and can easily be extended using leg extensions, concrete blocks or shipping containers as a foundation.

Preliminary Building Designs

Below are some preliminary drawings further detailing the front, back and side view of the structure. It easily fits a 20 FT wide by 15 FT high sliding door or various sizes of overhead doors.

Overhead doors need to be supplied by a third party.

Building Photos

Just like our other building styles, the 50′ wide double-truss building can be mounted on shipping containers or concrete lego blocks. This easily extends your total building height from the original 21 FT to 25-30FT! That is lots of room for bigger doors, higher storage shelves or taller equipment.

Grid Elevation

In case you’d like to see if your equipment will fit in this building, below are some grid drawings that show the space exactly in 1FT squares.

If you need anymore information on our 50′ wide double-truss fabric buildings, please contact us! We are very excited to add this width to our building products and we always strive to ensure we fulfill everyone portable fabric building needs.

We Can’t Wait to Get You Started!

If you need more information don’t hesitate to ask us right away. Our customer service team will gladly assist you through any question or concerns.