18’Wx40’L Building Maintenance & Upgrade!

Replacement Cover & Upgrade to Metal Sheeted Door & Endwalls


The fabric cover was faded from too much UV exposure and was starting to wear out in high abrasion points.


The fabric doors and end walls were replaced with metal sheeting. We built a new 12 oz building cover; green on the outside, and white on the inside. This durable cover will last against UV exposure and any wear and tear around the frame (15 year-limited warranty)!


  • Building Size: 18′ W x 40′ L x 15′ H
  • Upgrade to Metal Sheeted End & Doorwall
  • (1) Sliding Door (Size: 12′ W x 10′ H)
  • Location: Onoway, AB
  • Before Onoway: Building Replacement Cover
  • After Onoway: Building Replacement Cover

To order your replacement cover, visit this link:


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