2 3/8″ Galvanized Double-Truss Framework

Available 18′-56′ wide by any length required!

Everything You Need For Your Storage Needs

Highly Versatile Engineered Portable Fabric Buildings

Our double-truss portable membrane buildings are engineered to withstand site-specific wind and snow loads. Whether you need to store equipment, stockpile materials, build a temporary or permanent work-space or manufacturing plant, our portable buildings are a great and safe solution to any building need you might face!

38' Wide Engineered Fabric Building with Sliding Doors

Many Sizes

Available in 18′, 24′, 30′, 38′, 48′ and 56′ wide by any length required!

Six Colours to
Choose From

White, Translucent (Clear), Red, Silver, Blue or Green


2 3/8” (14 Gauge, 0.79 Wall Thickness) Galvanized Framework

Materials Only

High-Quality Materials Sourced from Within Canada

Customization Options

Frame and Cover Can Be Customized to Meet Your Needs!

Many Sizes Available

Building Sizes Yellow

Various building widths (18′ – 56′ wide) to choose from in any length you need! Building heights can be extended by adding legs to the framework, as well as utilizing concrete blocks or shipping containers as foundation options.

Galvanized Framework

Double-Truss Frame 30x60

We only use 2 3/8″ GatorShield® galvanized steel tubing for our engineered portable buildings. Galvanization offers unmatched corrosion protection, superior strength and a bright, shiny & smooth finish which is great for outdoor applications.

NovaShield® Fabrics

NovaShield 400 Series Samples

NovaShield® by IPG is a membrane structure fabric used for over 18 years in the portable building industry. Their materials come in a range of colours, industry leading warranties, and engineered coatings for exceptional performance.

Canadian Made Products

Made In Canada

All of our materials are of the highest quality sourced from within Canada. Our building framework is lead-free unlike many off-shore products. We design, manufacture and construct all of our engineered buildings keeping safety and durability in mind!

Keep Your Equipment Working!

Our insulation meets ASTM C1136, Type I, II, III, IV, and provides effective resistance to heat transfer with R-values up to R-19 (US rating).

38' Wide Double-Truss Building

The Lightest Yet Toughest Portable Building

Engineered to Withstand the Harshest Weather Conditions!

Our buildings are engineered for anywhere in the world, and are customized for SITE SPECIFIC SNOW and WIND LOADS. We have Type A, B as well as C-Schedules available upon request depending on your building and site requirements. Our portable engineered buildings will stand the test of time, wherever you put them!

Versatility for Any Application

Our engineered portable buildings can be used for multiple applications, including industrial, agricultural, and recreational use. They are cost-efficient compared to traditional steel buildings, quickly erected and offer more usable space since no support beams are needed throughout the building.

Install it On Anything!

Our engineered portable fabric buildings are highly versatile and can be installed on various types of foundation including: ground, asphalt, concrete, rig mats, blocks & shipping containers

Choose Your Width

Our engineered portable double-truss buildings are available in 18′, 24′, 30′, 38′, 48′ and 56′ wide by any length required!

18′ Wide

24′ Wide

30′ Wide

38′ Wide

48′ Wide

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