Frames, Structural Pieces and Fabric Covers

Manufacturing done locally in Edmonton, AB!


All of our manufacturing is done in house, in our Edmonton, AB, location!

We manufacture all of our parts for our single & double truss building frames locally in Edmonton, AB using only high quality Canadian materials. We can manufacture replacement and custom parts for any size and shape of building.

Frames and Structural

Replacement Parts

Building Covers

Parts Available

We have an extensive list of replacement parts for all of our buildings. We can also cut, bend and swedge galvanized pipe for you.

Replacement Covers

Our fabrication team can build replacement covers for any shape, make and size of building!

Frame Only Option

Interested in the frame only? No Problem! Our structures are available without the fabric cover as well.

12 oz. Material Colour Options

All colours (except translucent) are white on the inside. Actual material colour may be different than displayed.

NovaShield 400 Series White


NovaShield 400 Series Translucent


NovaShield 400 Series Red


NovaShield 400 Series Green


NovaShield 400 Series Blue


NovaShield 400 Series Silver


We Can’t Wait to Get You Started!

If you need more information don’t hesitate to ask us right away. Our customer service team will gladly assist you through any question or concerns.